Full of various images of fun puzzles !

Full of various images of fun puzzles !

[Various puzzles]

* Newbie: You can contact the first time a puzzle game, is a space for those who have not yet become accustomed.

It was genus can be made to adhere to the view gradually solve the puzzle!

* Expert This is the space for those accustomed to the puzzle. And interesting, please enjoy a variety of image puzzles.

[Production System]

* Workshop: to draw a direct picture, you can create a puzzle, let's share it with other fans.

[Voting system]

* After the match all the puzzle, please good or for bad vote of the puzzle.

Adjust the difficulty level of the puzzle based on the user's opinion!

[Hint system]

* Puzzle Let's case too hard to write a hint.

## Is one of development and insufficient many points, and then to reflect as much as possible if you feedback.

Enjoy interesting ^ ^

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